Press Releases | March 15, 2023

Cyclyx Welcomes Vinmar International to the Cyclyx Consortium

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire, USA, March 15, 2023 – Cyclyx International, a consortium-based post-use plastic innovation company with a mission to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90%, has announced that Vinmar International, a global marketing, distribution, and project development company that brings tailored solutions to the world's leading producers and users of plastics, has joined the Cyclyx consortium.

As Cyclyx continues to grow its resources and operations to divert plastic waste from landfills and into a recycling pathway, it becomes necessary to foster and cement relationships with leaders in the plastic product space. Vinmar has over 40 years of experience and expertise in efficiency and logistics regarding petrochemical producers and the plastics market.

Vinmar is committed to reducing post-use plastic waste, and that pledge lends itself perfectly to the mission brand of Cyclyx, 10 to 90®, as we collaborate to raise the recycling rates of plastic from 10% to 90%. Vishal Goradia, CEO of Vinmar, said “We are fully committed to contributing to sustainability and circular economy in the plastics industry. Cyclyx's approach of bringing stakeholders together in search of transformative solutions to plastic waste fits perfectly with our strategy and we are happy to be a new member.”

"Welcoming Vinmar to the consortium is a source of great excitement," said Joe Vaillancourt, Cyclyx CEO. "Our shared goals of raising the recycling rates for post-use plastics and creating pathways for plastic recycling where there were none before will make Vinmar a vital and integral resource as we continue to scale the consortium’s partnerships and programs."

Current recycling practices and structures result in less than 10% of all post-use plastic getting recycled. Efforts from Cyclyx and its consortium members positively disrupt the current system to increase this value and create value in post-use plastic to expand sustainability practices further and promote the benefits of a circular economy.

About Vinmar International

Vinmar is a global marketing and distribution company that brings value to the world’s leading producers and users of plastics and chemicals through the supply of best in class products and tailored business solutions. With over 40 years of experience and success, Vinmar has grown into one of the world’s largest plastics and chemicals marketing and distribution companies. The company has over 50 offices in more than 35 countries with sales in excess of 110 countries.

About Cyclyx International, LLC.

Cyclyx International, LLC. (“Cyclyx”) is a post-use plastic innovation company working with industry participants to develop innovative recycling solutions for all types of post-use plastics. The company’s mission is to increase the recyclability of plastics from 10% to 90% by using Cyclyx’s expertise in understanding the chemical composition of post-use plastic in collaboration with industry partners to create a new, innovative supply chain. Cyclyx has been formed to be a consortium-based entity and since its founding there have been a growing number of companies joining its membership. For more information, visit us at

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