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How We Get From 10 to 90

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What if you could combine all your plastic waste, all together?

The clothing tags and toy packaging, the bubble wrap and shopping bags, the frozen dinner film, and the foam peanuts. All plastics, all symbols, all numbers--eliminating the confusion of which plastics can be recycled. 

10 to 90® is a series of takeback and engagement programs designed to divert waste plastics away from the landfill and into the Cyclyx system, where those waste plastics can be recycled with the ultimate goal to increase the recycling of plastics from 10% to 90%.

Our new approach will help greatly expand the range of plastic waste that society recycles, including materials not commonly accepted by traditional recyclers due to poor quality, contamination levels or the chemical complexity of the waste.

10to90® programs include collaboration with municipalities, retail establishments, corporations and universities in an effort to help drive scalable, community-focused solutions that accelerate plastic recycling, locally in the short term with a goal to impact global recycling rates in the long term.